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This deviation was deleted

Sonic looks magnificent! That's just the one word I could describe him as. You got his color scheme right, it's not deep dark blue or sky/baby blue, It's the perfect shade. And those eyes- Also perfect. I love how you make them glow. Not sure about anyone else, but they give me a vibe that I shouldn't mess with this guy.

And his facial expression means business, he's not here to mess around. The scarf is placed perfectly, like you can actually feel the gust of wind from your computer screen. And you even got the gold buckles on his shoes! Many people who draw him tend to forget that.....

I love how you draw Sonic big, (Dare I say it), adorable, ears. They're not too big or small, just perfect. (Wow, been saying that alot now. ^^;)

And what is he looking down upon? I think it's a city, maybe trying to find someone (Like Shadow) or his next victim. (He's a vampire people, deal with it.)

And the shadowing....amazing. The light's even shining off of the scarf, if other people haven't noticed. And the backside of his quills is perfect, it still has that perfect shade of blue to them, it;s not overdone.

All in all, you draw Sonic with describable words, and I applaud you for that. Bravo and Well Done! I cannot simply wait to see what you draw next!
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